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Award-winning jazz double bassist and composer Ian Dickenson is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Sonoma State University, and an alumni of the Henry Mancini Institute.  He has worked with the likes of Quincy Jones, Terrance Blanchard, Jerry Goldsmith, Diana Krall, and has composed for and performed with a multitude of diverse orchestras, ensembles and musicians throughout the West Coast.

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9/10/07 - School has begun again at the Marin School of the Arts, and the current class of musicians looks really promising.  There are a lot of familiar faces, and a few new ones with a lot of talent!  I'm teaching an experimental hybrid class this year, consisting of jazz theory, ear training, improvisation, and composition - all rolled into one - the idea being that all the elements of the student's musicial instruction are applicable to each area of their studies, and all are interrelated.  Each of my composition students got into the colleges of their respective choices, and are sending me their sketches left and right, so keep your eyes and ears open for updates!

7/19/07 - Trumpeter, composer, and fellow LPN member Todd Grady and I are revising our 501c3 non-profit org, the Sonoma County Union of the Arts, and bringing it to San Francisco!  Some people might remember our flagship program, the Not-So-Silent Film Festival, which comissioned new works set to classic and rare silent films from the early 20th century.  We've recieved an overwhelming demand for our program to return, so we've decided to re-structure it as THE GROUND FLOOR SYNDICATE so as to better serve the entire Bay Area through performances and educational programs.

Check it out on MySpace at:

7/5/07 - Thanks to everyone who went to Lee Presson and the Nails' third show since reforming last fall.  It was a hit, the band has never sounded better, and was a great way to spend a Tuesday night.  Keep checking back for future shows, as we are getting offers left and right and it looks like we'll be playing again sooner rather than later.



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